Gluten-free Valentine’s Day cards, plus a mini kid-size giveaway!

Hello!  I normally won’t be posting every day like this but I have a few more things I want to get out before Valentine’s Day, and wanted to give you a few days to enjoy them…

G-free V-day cards!
My favorite site for coloring pages and cards is Activity Village. They’ve got everything imaginable except for gluten-free cards (in fact, I couldn’t find any anywhere) so what else could I do but create my own?  I pulled out my old marker pad and pens and went old-school for this post, drawing everything by hand. (I had to get off the computer for a few hours!)  🙂  So what I came up with is 4 little Valentine’s Day cards (with the help of dear ol’ Mom who helped me come up with some wording) — made especially for all the g-free kids out there. You can download the PDF here: 4VcardsHR, then print out copies of it for your kids to color, glue onto colored construction paper and give out for Valentines — or just hang in their room or on the fridge. Please let me know how your children enjoy these…I would love to hear what they did with their cards! (*Please note: the below preview won’t print out large enough — click on the blue link four lines above this for the printable PDF).

My first mini kid-size giveaway… I have a bunch of stuff like this that I’ll be giving away once in a while, just for kids. How often do your kids get things in the mail?  If yours are like mine: not often enough. These giveaways are just meant to give your g-free kid a little excitement by receiving a little surprise in a snail-mail envelope, along with a little note from a famous author (okay, maybe an unknown author)…  😉

If you’d like your child to receive one of these coin purses in the mail, please comment below with your favorite thing about this website and/or something you’d like to see here in the future. I’ve got 3 of both styles, so 6 winners will be randomly chosen by midnight tomorrow (Sunday, Feb. 12th). At that point winners will need to send me their mailing addresses and I’ll send them out. Stay tuned…

Next up are some wiggly, jiggly jello ideas for Valentine’s Day. Keep coming back for more things for g-free kids, and don’t forget to check out the photo album and kids’ stuff page!

23 thoughts on “Gluten-free Valentine’s Day cards, plus a mini kid-size giveaway!

  1. I love your site b/c it is completely dedicated to our g-free kiddos! You have great advice and ideas all geared towards making our kids feel special. 🙂

  2. I’ve come across your website looking for ideas for my kids. Your site has been great to help me out. I like finding fun things for the kids lunches. Gluten free and dairy free recipes are what I search for. Thank you for the valentine cards…gluten free too!

  3. Katie,
    What a wonderful site you have created here! Love the resource page that has links to other celiac things and we will certainly making the marshmallow treats to send to school. We will be printing out the color pages as my 6 year old can spend hours coloring and how great that they are gluten free.

  4. Oh my i love this site so much. I was diagnost with gluten intolerance 6 months ago at the age of 30 and i was so depressed. i quickly learned that being gluten free is not a big deal at all. there are so many healthy options out there. as a teacher i have many students that are gluten free and their parents are struggling to understand the disease. i have become their biggest resource and i love to teach them that living gluten free is really no big deal. i have shared this website with all my families. for our upcoming valentines day party i have passed out articles to ALL my families and we are having a totally gluten free party! all the parents were totally supportive and through this website they were able to come up with treats to bring in to share with the class. thank you for making this wonderful resource for others.

  5. I like this site because not only is it good ideas for the kiddos but from the grown ups like myself! Love reading what all you have!

  6. I too love your site because it is geared towards kids with celiac. There are tons of sites for adults but nothing for the little ones. Thanks for what you do!

  7. I love that this site is dedicated to kids! A lot of the other websites are more geared toward adults. Its great to get ideas of activities and food for kiddos!

  8. Love your site! Everytime I visit it mainly is to get some inspiration, some printable for kids or a recipe. Thank you for what you do

  9. My two year old son is the only one in our family with Celiac. I am working hard to make sure he has everything he needs- GF food and support. This site is awesome because it really addresses issues that are specific to him as a child. There are many great resources out there but I often find they are geared more toward adults. They will be great later on but right now we are going through toddlerhood (and all the stubborness and tantrums) gluten free. It is hard enough to get him to eat GF chicken nuggets or mac n’ cheese let alone quinoa or veggies! Candy coated marshmellows? No problem. 🙂 Thank you so much for this resource. We will be using it!

  10. Paisley, Tracy, Chantel, Jill, Georgia, Tera, Janell, Michelle and Christy: Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments (and for entering the mini giveaway). I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it when people take the time to comment and let me know that there are families, teachers and supporters of all kinds out there reading things on this site, learning new tips, ideas, recipes, enjoying the printables, photo album and other resources — and that positive attitudes and greater understanding are also emerging as a result of this. It makes all of the hard work so worthwhile. I truly hope that all of you (and others) will keep letting me know you’re out there and that you’ll keep sharing this site with others, to help increase awareness and to help make our g-free kids’ lives brighter and easier from day to day. Thanks again everyone! -Katie

  11. So helpful!! My daughter was thrilled about the GF valentines. We immediately printed them off and she’s coloring them right now. One will go to her fellow GF teacher and others to her friends. I also appreciated the link the list of safe candies. That seems to change so frequently that it was nice to have a site reference for something that’s current. Keep up the good work!! I put your site in my favorites section.

  12. These valentines designs are subtly getting the message that its okay to be a GF kid. Truly a must-use this Tuesday! 😀

  13. Kimberly, Kim and Renee: Thanks for your kind comments as well, and welcome to this site!
    The mini giveaway is now closed, and the following people were just randomly picked as winners: (1) Renee (2) Kimberly L (3) Michelle (4) Janell (5) Chantel (6) Jill, and I found I had a 7th coin purse so the 7th (extra) winner is Tera. I’ll email the winners soon. Thanks for entering and commenting everyone — hope to keep seeing you around! 🙂 And I hope everyone else is enjoying the V-day cards! -Katie

  14. I love this website because it givens me a sense of comfort. We are new this this lifestyle becuase my daughter was just diagnosed in Jan, 2012. I love looking at all of the food suggestions too. I am so glad that I am not the only one out there and there are websites like this one to help me along in our own adventure.

    • Hi Adrienne,
      Welcome to g-free kid! Sorry that you missed the giveaway by 17 minutes, but we’re still glad you’re here! 🙂 Please be sure to check out the information under the black menu tabs on the site…hopefully you’ll find lots of useful information to share with family and other supporters. And feel free to submit your daughter’s photo and info. so she can be part of the gluten-free kids photo album. 🙂 If you ever have a question you’d like to “put out there” please post something on my Facebook page and you should receive some helpful comments. Thanks! -Katie

  15. I enjoy your website because it gives me hope that my Celiac daughter, Ruby, CAN lead a normal life in a non Gluten free world. The hints and tips on your site make an invaluable tool in helping me, Rubys mom, to guide her through her Gluten free life, knowing that she’s NOT all alone. Thank you!

    • Welcome Laura! Thanks for the nice comment, but sorry you missed the giveaway deadline. Still happy to have you here, though, and hope that the info. I’m putting out on this site will help you to help your daughter lead a healthy, happy g-free life! I hope you saw the kids photo album and all of the kid stuff to show her. She will definitely not feel alone after seeing all of that! 🙂 You’re in good company here….hope to keep seeing you! (I have the song “Ruby Baby” in my head, now, from Donald Fagen’s Nightfly album)! Great name! 🙂 -Katie

  16. You make being a mom to two gluten free kids easy. Well, not that it’s an easy task, but the process can be overwhelming and frustrating and you take those variables out with your positive attittude and wonderful tips/tricks! Thank you for your help. I feel like your in my back pocket and I can pull you out whenever I’m stuck. 🙂

    • Michele- Welcome, and thanks for the wonderful comment — you made my day!
      Tammy, Emily and Tracy- welcome to the site and thanks for commenting!
      Hope to see all of you around here often 🙂

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