KISS: Keep It Simple and Safe — NFCA’s 2012 May Blogger Campaign

National Celiac Awareness Month begins on Tuesday, May 1st. What gluten-free celebration would be complete without a blogger campaign? This year, NFCA (National Foundation for Celiac Awareness) rounded up 16 bloggers (including yours truly) for a series chronicling every stage of the gluten-free journey, from Day 1 basics to advanced cooking and advocacy. I am thrilled
and honored to be among the list of well-known contributors you will see below… I hope you will join us for this informative, month-long journey!

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Following this year’s theme, Keep It Simple and Safe, each blogger is offering 5 key tips or lessons related to that day’s topic. The guest posts start tomorrow (April 30th) so check this link daily…

Weekly Focus throughout the month of May:

  • Every Monday – Cooking/Baking Gluten-Free
  • Every Tuesday – Nutrition/Wellness
  • Every Wednesday – Raising a Gluten-Free Kid
  • Every Thursday – Dining Out Gluten-Free
  • Every Friday – NFCA Resources You Should Know About

Schedule and Guest Bloggers:

Week 1: Just Diagnosed (April 30-May 4)

  • Anne Byrn of The Cake Mix Doctor – Reading labels and cooking with boxed mixes
  • Shirley Braden of gluten free easily – Avoiding hidden gluten
  • Kathleen Reale of Be Free for Me – Talking to your child about celiac disease
  • Lisa Garza of Gluten Free Foodies – What questions to ask when dining out
  • NFCA – Discover NFCA’s Getting Started Guide

Week 2: Getting the Hang of It (May 7-11)

Week 3: Hitting a Roadblock (May 14-18)

  • Diane Eblin of The WHOLE Gang – 5 tips to get out of a food rut
  • Alisa Fleming of Go Dairy Free  – First gluten-free, now lactose intolerant? 5 tips to becoming a dairy-free diva
  • Wendy Kaho of Celiacs in the House – Gluten-free challenges at school
  • Michael De Cicco-Butz of Gluten-Free Mike – Traveling while gluten-free
  • NFCA – 5 resources to handle life’s hurdles

Week 4: What’s Next? (May 21-25)

  • Amie Valpone of The Healthy Apple – Publishing your gluten-free recipes
  • EA Stewart of The Spicy RD – Healthy gluten-free foods you’ve never heard of
  • Katie Chalmers of G-Free Kid – 5 tips to empower gluten-free kids
  • Carrie Forbes of Ginger Lemon Girl – Starting a gluten-free dining group
  • NFCA – Ready to fundraise? Here’s how to start

For more Celiac Awareness Month fun, including a chance to win a Gluten-Free Pantry Raid, visit

Proud to be gluten-free with these cool awareness bracelets

How could a g-free kid not feel proud, when sporting this unique bracelet?!

I attended my local Celiac support group’s 25th anniversary party this past Fall, where I finally got to meet Dr. Fasano and Pam King from the The Center for Celiac Research & Treatment at Mass General.  I am honored to have Dr. Fasano’s endorsement of my book and that numerous copies of it are available for patients to peruse at their Center.  At this “Gluten Freedom Day” event, I was thrilled to hear Dr. Fasano speak so much on the topic of gluten sensitivity as well as Celiac, as both conditions touch my family.

After his presentation, Pam was selling these TriBandz bracelets in the vendor area, along with Dr. Fasano’s books.  I had seen them before online but hadn’t realized how cool they are in reality.  I knew I had to get them for my 8 year old twin daughters, one of which has Celiac and the other gluten sensitivity. I knew they would love to wear something special that other kids don’t have (especially after every kid on the face of the planet was wearing those SillyBandz for so long!)  🙂

Each bracelet is only $3 which includes three 3D disks that pop in and out. You can also buy up to 3 different sets of five variety packets (of 5 different disks) to mix and match for only an additional $2 a set. The bands come in 3 sizes and we bought the smallest, which
wasn’t too loose nor too tight. My daughters have had fun borrowing each others’ disks and they change up their bracelets a lot. Kids can even wear these for sports as there are no sharp edges, plus they can get wet. The rubber is soft, sturdy and very durable.


We are proud to be able to support the research Dr. Fasano and his team are doing at the Celiac Center — from creating a “Making Tracks for Celiacs” team every year where we collect donations for the Center, to personal donations and spreading the word about what they do. When you purchase these TriBandz bracelets, you are even supporting important research taking place there. And of course, as kids wear these bracelets and talk about them with friends and family, it is also helping to raise Celiac disease (and gluten sensitivity!) awareness in many little corners of the world.

Think of all the g-free kids out there who would love to sport a cool bracelet like this…
Give them in Easter baskets, as stocking stuffers, part of a birthday gift, or “just because.” If you are part of a support group, please ask those in charge to consider buying these in bulk to sell at your events and meetings, or to give them as gifts to newly diagnosed gluten-free children.

As we like to say:
“Celiac disease isn’t contagious…but awareness is. Please help spread it!”

To find out more, and to order, visit and then click on “Celiac Awareness Items” on the lefthand side.

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