Kraft Good Seasons dry mixes are NOT gluten-free anymore

IMG_6115I can’t believe I’m saying this after years of exclusively using Kraft Good Seasonings dry mixes as my family’s go-to salad dressing, but I am…. Kraft Good Seasonings dry mixes are (just as of recently) NOT gluten-free anymore. Unfortunately you won’t find anything about it on the Kraft website or anywhere else online — at least that I could locate!  No wheat warnings or notices from a big company like Kraft — just a stealthy ingredient & label change. The only way I first found out is by the good word of the online gluten-free community…

I felt the need to post this because, basically, there is nothing else out there to warn people. Take me for instance: I was so ingrained in my habit of being devoted to their mixes that I never thought to continue to read their labels since their ingredients have been gluten-free for as long as I have (almost 6 years) and probably longer… Until just recently…

After hearing about this, I went to my cupboard and found 2 unused packets to check for myself. Sure enough, underneath the ingredients, it reads, “contains wheat, soy” in bold letters. It looks to me like the wheat is in the dried soy sauce they are now using because it reads, “soy sauce (wheat, soybeans, salt)”.

IMG_6117I took the time (5 minutes) to call Kraft to find out more. Unfortunately I apparently know more than their customer service reps do. I said that I had heard their dry mixes now contained wheat. She said that just this month (some people are saying Dec. 2012 but she didn’t know for sure) Kraft reformulated their ingredients and “some of the spices contain wheat.” I notified her that the package said that it’s the soy sauce that contains wheat. Next I asked which dry mixes were involved in the reformulation and she said, “As far as I know, just the Italian.” So I proceeded to tell her that I had 2 packets in my hand (Zesty Italian and Garlic & Herb) which also read, “contains wheat.”  That was news to her. So — so far there are 3 mixes affected: Italian, Zesty Italian and Garlic & Herb. I had to ask to get a case number and lodge a complaint (asking them to go back to their old ingredients) and had to give her some coding from the packets.

Here is more information, which circulated on the Celiac ListServ email network, from someone else who looked into this:

“I spoke with Kraft yesterday and they explained what happened with their Good Seasons Italian — dry packet mix. Seems like one of their major manufacturing facilities had wheat on the production line and it wasn’t cleaned. (Different explanation than the one I received) That’s why thousands of boxes had to be re-packaged and labeled “contains wheat.” The head of dietary services suggested that if calls were received that they might be able to sway the top-brass to move to a safer facility. They suggested that we call 1-800-522-0501 and get a case number and lodge a complaint. (Tip:) Many stores still have the old formulation… I went to several and bought out the stock. Check your local stores, too. PLEASE take a minute to call and strongly suggest that they change facilities and go back to keeping this product all natural and preservative free… as the original box states.”

So, please, take a few minutes and join us in calling Kraft at 1-800-522-0501. Ask for a case number and request their old formulation. Maybe there will be power in numbers on this one. Please share this notification so others aren’t inadvertently consuming gluten through these salad dressing mixes.

And last but not least, please heed this warning as proof that we all (myself included) need to continuously read and re-read packaging labels and be vigilant for things like this to happen again….even to our tried & true, favorite products. We can never be too careful.

16 thoughts on “Kraft Good Seasons dry mixes are NOT gluten-free anymore

  1. I called and complained and got a case number. Be sure to return the new/wheatful packs. Someone who is an ‘official’ with the Celiac groups needs to call them, too. Maddening!

  2. We have never used this, but thanks for the heads up! I feel like a paranoid freak, but I check all labels every time. Guess that’s good! 🙂

    • Yes, you should be proud of that, April. It was hard for me to admit that I had slacked on reading this one product’s label, but indeed I had….this will teach me not to get too comfortable in the future!

      • I think most of us have made that mistake from time to time. After years of being gf, we get complacent and stop checking labels on our favorite products. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Thank you! This is a product I always keep on hand—and unfortunately had become lazy at reading the label everytime. I called Kraft and the woman I talked to said they have received many phone calls about this. I asked her to lodge another complainnt from me and she was more than willing to do so. Power in numbers! Hopefully we can convince them to change it back!

  4. I have been using this for years and stopped reading the label!! my house is completely gf but i use this every week with several meals a week. I have been glutening my daughter for months!!! This is so upsetting! Has anyone found a substitute?

  5. I just read this post and I think I found an alternative to the Good Seasons dressing mix. Although I have not yet tried it, I just today discovered Hidden Valley Farmhouse Originals Homestyle Italian dressing and seasoning mix, which is Gluten Free.

  6. WOW!!! why change the recipe after all these years, I guess they are seizing the opportunity to make more money,In due time they may bring back the gluten free version and increase on the price. It appear that everything that’s healthy for us seem like the prices become inflated over night, It’s ridiculous that we have to pay so much more for gf foods. I’m still kind of new @ this gf diet, when I was first told that I was gluten intolerant I was told to stay away from wheat products,so Immediately I thought that I need to rid my cabinets of baked goods, hot and cold cereals, flour,corn starch, etc. Never thought that gluten was in so many other foods like can veggies, rice, candy, even some ice creams, never thought about cross contamination, It has really been a learning process, now I don’t just assume, I just read every label. or I check different wed sites. Thank you for sharing, grateful that I found this site.

    • Hi Reagin. Glad you found the site, too, and I hope it continues to be helpful for you. Yes, the learning curve is huge when you are first starting the diet, but before long you’ll know exactly what to watch out for. If you have specific questions, feel free to post them on the Facebook page and you’ll get all sorts of answers, tips and help. ~Katie

  7. Mystery solved. I made a recipe recently( 1/20/14) that called for a whole packet of Zesty Italian dressing mix. I ate some for dinner. I had terrible stomach cramps and diarrhea the next day. Actually felt crappy that whole week. I told my husband I was so frustrated because I had no idea what I could have eaten that would have caused it. Well, just today I was going to make the same recipe and I got out my Zesty Italian Dressing Mix and just happened to notice it said “contained wheat”. Started googling and found this article. Thank you for posting. I thought I was going crazy because I was positive it was gluten free before.

  8. Thank you so much for posting this info. I just read a GF recipe on another site that called for the Gluten Free Zesty Italian in the recipe. I thought that I had heard something about this so I did some checking before I used the recipe. That’s when I came across your site. Thanks again!!!

  9. I just came upon this post while researching Good Seasons Italian’s GF status for a recipe I’d like to try. Do you happen to know if it still contains wheat from the soy sauce?

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