Snyder’s of Hanover New Flavors Review and Giveaway

IMG_0567When Snyder’s of Hanover contacted me about sampling some of their newest pretzel flavors, I was all over it. I’m a Snyder’s pretzel lover from way back in 1989 when my husband and I were first dating and used to dip pretzels into salsa for a late night snack. Once I was diagnosed w/ Celiac in 2007, I discovered Snyder’s gluten-free pretzel sticks and have been eating them ever since, plus their twists which were recently introduced. But I never dreamed I’d be once again eating flavorful seasoned pretzels like the flavors they just came out with!

IMG_0574IMG_0551My girls & I LOVE the new Honey Mustard & Onion flavored sticks. What an awesome flavor combination! My girls ask for these all the time, but we stick with eating them at home. That way their bad breath won’t be making other kids back away at school.  🙂  We think these are the perfect pretzel to make “The Big Game Chex Mix” with, using all GF Chex cereals, of course…

We liked the Hot Buffalo Wing flavor, too, although it was a tad spicy for us wimps at first….but once we dipped them into blue cheese (or ranch) dressing, that was the ticket. It cools them off nicely and the combination of the two flavors & textures is sure to be a hit. These would be great to use in the “Buffalo Chex mix“, also substituting GF cheese crackers, using all GF cereals and omitting the hot sauce since these will already be adding a certain amount of spiciness.

IMG_0625Another way we used these pretzels is crushing them up, adding a little parmesan cheese and coating chicken with them. They are the best eaten right away while the pretzel pieces are still crunchy. We crushed both flavors separately and dipped them into blue cheese dressing (or honey mustard or ranch dressing or whatever your g-free kid prefers)….what a simple and convenient way to make a flavorful meal.

I ask you:  Who better than Snyder’s of Hanover to make these great new flavors for g-free pretzels? Which other company makes gluten-free pretzels right here in the good ol’ U. S. of A?  None that I know of — other brands are imported. The fact that they are Certified Gluten Free (with that sight-for-sore-eyes logo printed right on the bags) is a huge plus, too, and I commend them on making the effort.

Have you seen these new flavors in stores yet?  Below is a list of the retailers that have approved placement so far. If your favorite store isn’t on the list, contact them to ask them to carry these awesome pretzels…

Wal Mart • Weis • Tops • Shoprite • Shop N Save • Price Cutter • Piggly Wiggly • Mars • Lowes • Harris Teeter • Ingles • Giant Eagle • Great A & P Tea Co • Albersons
Also available through Snyder’s online store.

By the way, please be sure to tell your child’s supporters how readily available and inexpensive (plain ones are $2.99 for an 8 oz. bag at my Wegmans) Snyder’s gluten-free pretzels are. I don’t know how many times my kids have been to parties where regular pretzels are sitting out as a snack, when (had the host known about Snyder’s GF) maybe they would have been willing to just put GF ones out instead. It’s a simple way to make g-free kids feel “thought of” and included.  🙂  I even know some non-GF kids who prefer GF Snyder’s over regular pretzels, believe it or not!

Below, my pretzel hounds are putting on their serious faces, to show that they are pulling for Snyder’s to make gluten-free pretzel rods next!  (hint, hint)


Now for the giveaway: Snyder’s of Hanover has generously agreed to give away 1 full-size (8 oz.) bag OF BOTH FLAVORS to TEN lucky, randomly-drawn winners. All you have to do is comment below, saying why you and your g-free kid are so excited about these new flavors and what you plan to do with them if you’re a winner. Let’s share some ideas and inspiration — and if you’re already a Snyder’s fan, feel free to add reasons why you prefer their pretzels over other brands. Giveaway ends at midnight on Monday, December 9th. If any winners don’t respond by Tues. December 10th, new winners will be picked to replace them. Good luck!  -Katie

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Keep coming back for more things for g-free kids, and don’t forget to check out the photo album and kids’ stuff page!

[ Disclaimer: Snyder’s sent me free samples of their new pretzels, as I could not find them available in stores at the time. The opinions I expressed are my own, honest feelings about their products and I was not coerced into writing a positive review.  🙂 ]

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21 thoughts on “Snyder’s of Hanover New Flavors Review and Giveaway

  1. Myself and my 2 kids are all gluten free and can’t wait to try the new flavors! We have been checking but no one carries them near us yet. I also totally agree on them needing to make gf pretzel rods and have been asking them from time to time for 3 years! Fingers crossed!

  2. My 7-year-old daughter takes her GF Synder’s pretzels to school EVERY DAY for a snack. We keep our pantry stocked because they are her favorite school snack and she doesn’t want anything else. We haven’t seen the new flavors, but I think my daughter would love to try them. I bet she would be thrilled to have a little extra flavor to her favorite school snack!

  3. Snyder’s gf pretzels are a go to snack at our house! I had heard of these new flavors but have not seen them in any of my local stores yet. I would love to try the chicken recipe with them!

  4. My husband and oldest son are both GF, but our entire house follows the GF diet. I had no idea flavored pretzels are coming! This is o exciting! We love pretzels as a snack and Snyders are affordable, which is great. Thanks for this giveaway!!

  5. My three children eat gluten free but we all enjoy the Snyder’s Gluten Free pretzels, they are the best. Best of all – they are affordable. Everyone who comes to our home loves them too. We would be thrilled to try new flavors and especially since they are gluten free!

  6. My youngest daughter and I are gluten free and we love the Snyders pretzels. I have been looking but have not found them. I will have to try one if the stores listed because my daughter says she just has to have the Hot Buffalo Wing flavor.

  7. I have not seen the new flavors in my local stores yet so I can’t wait to find them and try them out – or better yet – hopefully I will win the prize. (: Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. The Honey Mustard & Onion sounds wonderful. We’d have to dip the Hot Buffalo Wing flavored ones in ranch or sour cream dip too— sounds very spicy!

  9. I’m excited for these new flavors because the “standard” pretzel flavors are boring. I would love to try your suggestion and pair the hot buffalo flavor with ranch dip

  10. This is so cool, my son loves Snyders pretzels. He loves to put raisons or marshmallows on the end to make a workout bar 🙂 We would Love trying the new flavors, the honey mustard ones sounds amazing.

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