I’m back!

QuoteHi everyone. Just wanted to thank you all for your patience as I know I haven’t been posting regularly for a while now. Life kept getting in the way, but I’m back with renewed interest. Various health issues (not gluten related) have been factors, as well as travel, irish dance, job searching and the weather, too, in fact. Sometimes it’s just too nice outside to be inside on the computer! Anyhow, I’m committing to posting more regularly now (my goal is a few times per month) so I hope that you find what I share to be helpful in your g-free kid’s life. Sometimes, when you’ve been at it as long as I have, you forget what it’s like for those who are new at this whole thing. I want to be there for you, though, so please comment here or on Facebook to let me know your thoughts (show me you’re out there to keep me motivated to keep this site going!) and also let me know if there is anything special you would like to see on my site. Thanks again!  ~Katie

2 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Thanks for the update, I do have a question my 3rd child who is 18 was just diagnosed with celiac, and also placed on a reflux diet d/t ulcers caused by his celiac do you know of any support group online for teens or kids? He is not very happy with the world right now as he says he has never felt “bad” we just figure he never knew what normal was poor kid..:( sorry long winded but I like this site I have followed on it when my younger two were diagnosed. Welcome back and have a nice day..:)

    • Hi Jennifer. Thanks for commenting, although I do not know of any support groups for teens or kids, unfortunately. I actually have a number of duodenal ulcers myself (probably caused by late-diagnosed celiac) so I can feel his pain with the extra dietary changes. I also know what you mean about kids who grow up just thinking what they feel is “normal” because they don’t know otherwise. That’s tough. Anyhow, if I learn about any groups that might help him, I’ll let you know. Take care. ~Katie

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