Favorite GF products

Our family’s favorite gluten-free food products:  to make your life a little easier
by taking out the guess-work…


Our favorite brand for so many things: We make mini sandwich rolls, pizzanewchebe-40x144
crust, breadsticks, garlic bread and mini calzones with their mixes. Their thin
pizza crusts and breadsticks are wonderfully seasoned with herbs, and our
whole family loves them. We also enjoy their cinnamon rolls (drizzled with
frosting, of course) for school and church breakfasts. Chebe products are
very easy to make and to work with, are reasonably priced and we love the
taste! See their website for a bunch of recipes using their awesome mixes.

Mary’s Gone Crackers

Our family and many of our relatives have become huge fans of Mary’s. Their crackers have a very unique, crispy crunch and fabulous taste which we all love. They are great with cheese, of course, and are not fragile like so many other G-F crackers out there. They MGClowres2-125x68have a wonderful texture and are very flavorful, with our favorite kinds being original and herb. Mary’s crackers are made with all organic ingredients and are made in the U.S.A. I also crumble them over my salads, in lieu of croutons, and they actually also sell boxes of “just crumbs” for such a purpose, or for use in various recipes. Their sea salt  “sticks & twigs” are also great, which we enjoy dipping in hummus, french onion dip or cream cheese. My latest favorite is their “super seed” crackers, as they are also soy-free and taste amazing.

Nature’s Path

Both of my gluten-free daughters have 2 favorite cereals made by this eco-friendly company: Honey’d Corn Flakes and EnviroKidzs’ Peanut ButterNaturesPathlogoLR-110x84 Panda Puffs.  They also enjoy Leapin’ Lemurs and Koala Crisp from time to time. Even though some mainstream cereals are G-F, both of my daughters prefer Nature’s Path cereals. Since there are so many things they can’t have on a G-F diet, we enjoy watching them be able to eat their favorite cereals every morning. Envirokidz Organic’s flavored rice bars also make great snacks for kids that you can bring anywhere.

Pamela’s Products

Our favorite dessert mixes by far. Everyone who has ever tried it loves their cake/cupcake mixes, unbelievably delectable dark chocolate frosting, andPamelaslogoLR-131x53 moist brownies. We make the best chocolate chip walnut cookies, pancakes and muffins with the recipes on their baking & pancake mix, and awesome bread and pie crust from their bread mix. We make ice cream sandwiches with their already-made cookies and send mini cookies in for Morgan’s treats at school and church. Check out Pamela’s website which has many wonderful recipes, and sign up for their electronic newsletters, which often run easy giveaways of their products.


Our whole family loves their pasta. Our favorite kinds are spaghetti, fusilli & penne, which are great with olive oil, garlic, parmesan cheese and bruschetta or sauteed veggies.  And of course their pasta is great with good ol’ sauce and cheese, or just butter! Our daughters love using their tinyscharlogoLR-93x70 anellini  in our homemade soups. If we are in a pinch for a meal, we make french bread pizzas and garlic bread from their par-baked sub rolls and baguette rolls, and we enjoy their cheese bite crackers (the closest thing you’ll find to fish crackers!) We are also big fans of their artisan bread, and use their bread crumbs in many recipes. Schar’s website is full of resources for gluten-free living. Check out their mascot’s website for kids which has some really cute recipes and activities for Celiac kids: 123milly.com

Snyder’s of Hanover

I have always been a big fan of this company, but got away from it for a few years, thinking I’d never have another Snyder’s pretzel for the rest of  my life. I was thrilled to discover that they had created their own gluten-free pretzelSnydersLR-143x40 sticks, which everyone in my family loves and eats now. They are low in fat,
crisp and buttery tasting and are the only GF pretzels that I know of that are made in the U.S.A.  We also enjoy Snyder’s EatSmart Naturals Multigrain tortilla chips, which are thick enough to use as a cracker and also taste great on their own or dipped. Both of those products are certified gluten-free. We also like their Grande Nacho tortilla chips which are the closest thing we’ve found to Doritos, as well as Grande Salsa Limon which are a bit spicier but equally yummy.


This store is a dream come true for Celiacs. They label all of their store brands with a gold GF logo and have a large GF section in their Nature’s Marketplace. Download and print their GF product list from their website,WegmansBROWNLR-163x46 which lists all of their products throughout the store in printed form. Sign up
to receive their “fresh news” emails, which include the “Celiac meal of the week.” On their website you will find videos and information about the GF diet, shopping and cooking. Wegmans also offers classes on G-F cooking and grilling. They support local Celiac walks and support groups. They have made our life so much easier…..
I can’t say enough about them!


*Note to parents: G-F means gluten-free. These really are our family’s favorite brands, after much trial and error, yet please note that this is not a guarantee that you will love them as much as we do. But hopefully this will save you time and money as you transition your child into his or her new gluten-free diet. See individual companies’ websites for more information on these products and for recipes using their products. Good luck and stay positive!

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