shopping lists

To make your grocery shopping a bit easier, here are some helpful lists for you. But first I would like to add that — aside from the lists below — there are many naturally gluten-free foods that your family can still enjoy on the gluten-free diet, just some of which are listed here.

That being said, below are lists made available through grocery stores and mainstream food producers. In addition, there are countless companies making gluten-free products which you are sure to discover on your own. You can find some of our family’s favorite
g-free products here.

Feel free to print out shopping guides
from the following stores:




Trader Joe’s (click on print guide)


Whole Foods

And here are some handy, printable lists of g-free products
by the following mainstream companies:

Annie’s Homegrown


Frito Lay

General Mills (currently unavailable)

Heinz / Classico / Ore-Ida

Hormel / Jennie-O


Progresso Soups

Snyder’s of Hanover (use this list to buy anywhere)


Last but not least, here is a great article from Gluten Freeville about
avoiding hidden gluten at the grocery store.

If you would like to add any helpful links to other lists below, please feel free. Thanks!


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