New to gluten-free?

Are you new at this gluten-free thing? Our family was once, too. But, like countless other families, we’ve come a long way…and you will, too. Try to just take it one day at a time, and know that you will get there…

Thoughts on the gluten-free (GF) diet
The last thing you want to dwell on with a newly-diagnosed g-free kid is a list of foods he or she can no longer eat. Try to keep the focus on all of the foods they will still be able to enjoy and try to keep that positive focus going strong. Attitudes of supporters are just as important, and it will be much easier for the child — now and later in life — if parents and supporters of the newly-g-free kid can accept the gluten-free diet as a way of life — for life.

Once you get used to it, the gluten-free diet becomes very manageable. Your child can still enjoy most of her favorite types of food. You just need to make a few minor adjustments to the ingredients. You do need take a few precautions, and become an avid label-reader. With practice and time, screening for gluten becomes second nature. As you are learning about what is safe and what is not, it may take a while to find a safe version of all their favorite foods. In the meantime, allow them some extra treats while you are figuring things out. Another handful of Cheetos never hurt anyone. 🙂

But, seriously, though: the gluten free diet is for life: 24/7. To a certain degree, your family will have to change the way you interact with food, some of the places you visit, and the way you approach parts of life. But, when faced with a positive attitude, there is hope and encouragement for those who make this commitment. So, for the sake of your g-free kid: keep smiling!

BBsBegin your journey by feeling blessed that your child was diagnosed and that he or she is now on the right track to a healthier life, and that it only requires a diet change, which you will soon understand and master.
It’s so key to have a positive attitude about the gluten-free diet, and I hope that the content of this website will reinforce that for you.

Knowledge is power
Instead of rewriting what’s already out there, I’ve compiled a bunch of helpful resources to help you
get started. Don’t overwhelm yourself by reading them at once…do it a little at a time, and in the meantime, just know inside that many have come before you (and your g-free kid) and many have come through with flying colors, as you will, too.

Here are fourteen great places to start learning about the gluten-free diet online:

•  Celiac Disease and the GF diet- Getting past the initial shock (

•  Gluten-free diet: What’s allowed and what’s not (Mayo Clinic)

•  Various GF printable guides (National Foundation for Celiac Awareness)

•  Resources for newly diagnosed (Celiac Sprue Association)

•  Series of articles covering GF diet & related items (

•  The Gluten free diet cheat sheet: How to go G-Free (Karina Allrich)

•  Understanding the gluten-free diet (

•  Series of 10 articles giving tips on various GF topics (

•  Specifics of the gluten-free diet (Dr. Frank W. Jackson, MD)

•  Gluten-free diet: What’s in, What’s Out (

•  Alphabetized list of safe GF foods (

•  Slideshow: pix & tips for eating g-free (

Remember that you are not alone. I hope that this website is encouraging for you, and I hope that it makes your life a little easier, and seem a little brighter. Feel free to comment below if you would like to add any other links that you may have found helpful. Thanks, good luck and stay positive!

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