I like to eat. In fact, my senior year of high school I was named “Always Seen Eating.”
Not “Most Talented” or “Most Likely to Succeed,” but “Always Seen Eating.” Looking back, maybe the reason I was always hungry was because my body wasn’t digesting and absorbing food properly because of undiagnosed Celiac disease. Who knows for sure?

Regardless of how much I like to eat, I do not enjoy making something that takes more time to prepare than it does to eat. That’s just me. The obvious exceptions to this rule are things like lasagna, soups, and other dishes that we can enjoy for a few days. Or baked goods which can be frozen and used in the future. I actually enjoy making those things even though they may take a while.

Be assured that whatever recipes you see here will be quite simple and won’t be too time-consuming. If you want recipes that are more complicated and fancy, there are tons of other sites out there that might suit you better. But, if you are like me, and you value every minute of your time, then you will enjoy these recipes — their simplicity and their taste — and your g-free kid(s) will enjoy helping prepare and eating them with pride. Hey, maybe one of our kids will also be voted “Always Seen Eating” and other kids will be envious of all their g-free foods that got them there. You never know…  🙂

You can search for recipes I’ve posted on this site (search box upper right) over the past year, and for your convenience, here is a PDF of our family’s favorite recipes:

Gluten-Free Kid-Friendly Recipes

You can download it and print the pages you want.
Enjoy and look around the site for more recipes that your g-free kids will love!

10 thoughts on “Recipes

      • Hi Lori. Sorry ’bout that…. I have posted those marshmallow pops so many times on my Facebook page and website but I never bothered to put together a formal recipe together for it. Just do a search on my site for “marshmallow” and you’ll find directions in those posts. Have fun!

  1. You have a lovely website! Its so great to have a gf one aimed for kid stuff! Just what I needed to see today! :)I I will definitely be following!!!!

  2. I don’t have a GF kid, but a GF fiancee is just as close right? Thanks for sharing your recipes, he will absolutely love all of these. I love that the ingredients are things that all grocery stores carry, being that I live in a city that is not very GF friendly. Love, love love Thanks again

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